Produce industrial gearbox and services with true quality, that is, meet the needs of our customers at the lowest possible cost.


Ensure the development, production, and trade of products and services with greater efficiency and continuous improvement of our business processes.

Superior Advantage

Enables Superior to produce consistent, yet economical products that deliver excellent service during years of use.

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Utilizing customized and specialized software, Kngear calculates and optimizes every possible aspect and component.


State-of-the-art CNC milling and grinding machines ensure that Kngear offers only the highest precision and highest quality products.

Component Testing

Digitally networked, CNC-controlled measuring equipment provides precise information about tolerances and run outs of drive sections.

Assembly & Testing

Before it reaches you, Kngear puts your gearbox through hell by testing the assembled gearbox under extreme and normal usage conditions.

Chinese industrial gearbox manufacturer

A few words about us

Kngear produces the highest quality gearboxes in the world. With over 20 years of gearing experience, Kngear is the gold standard. The best people, processes and our industrial gearbox help us to be geared to a higher standard.

How it all came to be…

Delivering the engineering advantage

We design and manufacture high-quality transmission solutions for applications that can be split into three key areas: transport, energy, and extrusion manufacturing industries.


CMM machines and Metrology Equipment


High-Skilled Workers


Professional Engineers

20 Years

Of Experience

The most innovative gearbox manufacturer and repair facility in China.

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Kngear has its own inspection department, which is furnished with the latest in CMM machines and metrology equipment. We use two Niles O ZP30 and ZE1200 Gear Tec CMM, complete with gear measuring software to ensure that all measurements are meticulously and automatically checked.

Extruder Applications

Kngear supplying gear units for extrusion processes in the rubber and plastics industry.

Cement And Concrete Industry

We deliver reliable, cost-effective gearboxes for crude oil, natural gas, and natural gas liquid processing equipment.

Chemical Industry

Providing Branded and Custom Gearbox Solutions for the Chemical Industry. ensuring our customers can concentrate on processing.

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